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Latest Articles

The Xmas Demo 2023 (20 Dec 2023)

The Xmas Demo 2023 for the NVidia Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit. How would the TX2-based 2017 and 2020 Xmas Demos look on 8 times more powerful hardware? We retweaked all the old shaders, replaced some crap ones, and tied it all together in a 4 minutes long hiqh quality video. Full source code included.

Edgehog: 1080p60 Nano Fractals (26 June 2023)

Presenting Edgehog: A method for doing fractal rectangle checking quickly on multiple ARM Neon cores. The output is rendered by a GPU using the Depth First Algorithm (DFA) described in the article "GPU Hacks" (Corneliusen 2016, 2017). This makes it possible to render 1080p60 depth 256 fractals on a dainty NVidia Jetson Nano. Full source code included.

A Fast Image Scaler for ARM Neon (15 May 2023, updated 25 Oct 2023)

Introducing a fast Lanczos-2 image scaler for ARM Neon written in C and intrinsics. It uses a unique method for applying separable filters described in the article "Exploiting the Cache: Faster Separable Filters" (Corneliusen 2018). An ARMv7 Neon Assembler implementation from 2014 gets a makeover. Full source code included.

Real Programming Condensed (9 Feb 2023, updated 18 Mar 2023)

It's been two years since the launch of the discordant book Real Programming. This 10-page article sums up all the main themes and looks at what has happened since then.

The Xmas Demo 2022 (22 Dec 2022)

The Xmas Demo 2022 for the NVidia Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit. Shader code available for download. A more polished version of last year's demo that exploits the extra power in the Orin.

The Xmas Demo 2021 (23 Dec 2021, updated 7 Mar 2022)

The Xmas Demo 2021 for the NVidia Jetson AGX Xavier. Full source code available. It demonstrates Sjur's new 3D engine called V73D and has animated objects using inverse kinematics. And a bunch of recycled and optimized shaders and stuff, and some music too.

Real Programming (English version, 5 Apr 2021)

Ekte Programmering (Norwegian version, 9 Feb 2021)

A book about programming, programmers, programs, and pop culture. Co-authored with Sjur Julin. Tired of crap books promising to teach you the latest programming fad in 21 days? This one is the polar opposite! It contains a lot of real code written in real programming languages like C and assembler. A recurring theme is criticism of modern development methods, software management, languages, and compilers.

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Amiga-bladet Digital: Alle utgaver i PDF-format (1989-1992)

Leif "Internett en flopp" Osvolds samlede verker (1996-2005)

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