Age of Conan

I play Age of Conan, an MMO by Funcom. I usually raid with these guys: The Ivory Tower.

I used to have a lot of conquerors, but unfortunately there's no fun way to progress them after T4. The old conqueror specific page is here, but it's not being updated regularly anymore.

The current collection of armor sets:

Ignorantus, Conqueror

Tier 1: Triumphant
Martial Paragon
Tier 2: Martial Paragon
Black Dragon
Tier 3: Black Dragon
Milites Templi
Tier 3.5: Milites Templi
Fearless Souls
Tier 4: Fearless Souls
Courageous Souls
Tier 4: Courageous Souls
Indomitable Souls
Tier 4: Indomitable Souls
Miserable Failure
Tier 5: Miserable Failure
Warded Brute
Tier 6: Warded Brute
Steel Behemoth
Tier 6: Steel Behemoth
Great Impi
Tier 6: Great Impi

Irritanto, Ranger

Tier 3: Ravenflight
Tier 4: Deathstalker
Quilled Darts
Tier 5: Quilled Darts
Bone and Horn
Tier 6: Bone and Horn

Thesage, Demonologist

Tier 1: Ecliptic
Tier 2: Bloodmoon
Tier 3: Pandemonium
Outer Dark
Tier 4: Outer Dark
Cackling Marionette
Tier 6: Cackling Marionette

Theminstrel, Herald of Xotli

Ardent Fire
Tier 1: Ardent Fire
Infernal Zeal
Tier 2: Infernal Zeal
Conflagrant Flame
Tier 3: Conflagrant Flame
Tier 3.5: Exorcist
Strange Beyond
Tier 4: Strange Beyond

Semitrailer, Priest of Mitra

Effulgent Devotion
Tier 2: Effulgent Devotion
Celestial Radiance
Tier 3: Celestial Radiance
Thousand Blossoms
Tier 4: Thousand Blossoms
Dragon King
Tier 4: Dragon King

Ignorantos, Tempest of Set

Tier 1: Cloudcleaver
Tier 2: Riftcaller
Tier 3.5: Erlik

Burritwo, Bear Shaman

Vernant Fury
Tier 1: Vernant Fury
Savage Fang
Tier 2: Savage Fang

Yaywalker, Barbarian

Violent Rage
Tier 1: Violent Rage
Brutal Carnage
Tier 2: Brutal Carnage
Untamed Violence
Tier 4: Untamed Violence

Disappointia, Necromancer

Dark Terror
Tier 1: Dark Terror
Necrotic Dread
Tier 2: Necrotic Dread

Grooella, Herald of Xotli (Saga of Zath Server)

Ardent Fire
Tier 1: Ardent Fire
Strange Beyond
Tier 4: Strange Beyond