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MultiDoom - Doom for Mellanox TILE-Gx CPUs

Nils L. Corneliusen
2 June 2009 - 4 Aug 2016


Mellanox makes some really cool multicore CPUs. More info about them can be found here. They have some PCI Express development boards that works nicely under Linux, so it definitely needed a Doom port. The ports are based on SDL Doom 1.10 which can be found here.

You can run 1 Doom process per core, up to a max of 30. More is of course possible, but I ran out of screen real estate. You can select which session to control, see the host code for details. There are some hacks provided for multi-keyboard input, but we never got that to work properly.

Native Doom for Mellanox TILE-Gx

The Cisco SX80 uses a Mellanox TILE-Gx36 CPU. Can it do something useful, like running Doom? Yes, of course!

MultiDoom 3

MultiDoom for TILE-Gx source code (7 May 2014)

Doom for Mellanox TILE-Gx PCIe Card using TMC

MultiDoom 3

The TMC based version runs everything off the same clock so controlling more than 1 in parallel gives better results. There's a bug in the keyboard control code related to the way keys are transmitted. I probably won't bother fixing it since I don't have a TILE-Gx card anymore. If you fix it, please mail me a diff.

SDL MultiDoom for TILE-Gx PCIe TMC (6 August 2013)

Doom for Tilera TILE64 PCIe Card using iLib

MultiDoom 1 MultiDoom 2

The original iLib based port for the classic TILE64 chip. Newer versions of the devkit should have TMC available, so I recommend trying that instead.

SDL MultiDoom for TILE64 PCIe iLib (30 December 2009)