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News, 2020 Archive

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23 December 2020

Click to watch video on YouTube

The Xmas Demo 2020 is up!

15 December 2020

Unfortunately, that Raspberry Pi 4 got boring fast. A 1 in 10 chance of actually getting a picture when starting it up was the killer. And despite turning off all screensavers and crap, it still would turn off the display after idling some hours, so leaving it running was pointless. Screw that crap. I'll use it as a door stop instead.

The Xmas Demo 2020

In other news, we're working on getting the Xmas demo running on other systems than Android. The old code was a bit iffy and hard to compile, so we're doing a total review of it. It's actually running quite well on Windows right now.

12 December 2020

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 up and running in the lab! Sjur and I had the stellar idea to get the Xmas demo 2017 running on it. Turns out the GPU in it is really, really crap, so it's sort of running... but measuring the speed in SPF, not FPS. Hmm. Have to try something else.

2 December 2020

I overhauled the Source Code section and several articles. Lots of missing code added, including the generators for assorted videos.

29 November 2020

The embedded YouTube videos had to be put out of their misery. They're slow to load, and stacked with useless cookies, even when using the "privacy enhanced" nocookie versions. Seriously. Thumbnails that link directly to the YouTube video have been used instead.

In other news, I've recently wrapped up a rather large programming-related project with Sjur Julin. Hope to have more info soon, as always.

29 August 2020

I decided to start my own business, so if you need any type of programming services, preferably in the fields of optimization and embedded computing, contact me.

New website here:

Still working on some interesting personal projects that are nearing completion. Took much longer than expected. Should have more info soon!

7 April 2020


Unfortunately, current projects have been delayed by the virus outbreak. Sjur Julin and I are working on some laser stuff that might be cool if you grew up in the 80s. Stay tuned!

29 January 2020

Invention 2020

Sjur Julin and I recovered the source code for Invention, released at The Gathering 1994. I even fixed a 26-year-old timing bug in there. 68000 assembler forever!

New executable included in the archive. It's in the Triumph section.

28 January 2020

I'm trying to recover more source code from my old Amiga before it blows up. First out is a totally crap compiler I made in C++ back in 1996. It's in the Triumph section.

I don't recommend it. It's crap. On a slightly more interesting note, attempts to recover the Invention source (TG94 40k intro) are promising. I've found the right source file and the fonts and music and stuff. Just need to build and link it and see if it still works. Jinx!

26 January 2020

Log Jam

Modern art! Info coming!

4 January 2020

Sjur Julin and I recovered the missing Atom scene from Dreamscape:

Click to watch video on YouTube

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