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News, 2021 Archive

Random stuff I'm doing, in chronological order.

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23 December 2021

The Xmas Demo 2021 has been released! We're working on releasing the full source. Stay tuned.

Click to watch video on YouTube

3 December 2021

Early preview pics of some shaders that's gonna be used in the Xmas demo this year. Ignore the text... trying out more fancy text rendering:

Xmas Demo Preview Picture 1 Xmas Demo Preview Picture 2 Xmas Demo Preview Picture 3 Xmas Demo Preview Picture 4

7 November 2021

The raw, unedited version of Sjur's talk at NDC TechTown 2021 is available on YouTube.

Click to watch video on YouTube

21 October 2021

Sjur holding the talk called Real Programming at NDC TechTown 2021 in Kongsberg, Norway. No PowerPoint in sight!

NDC TechTown 2021

A video should be available in a couple of weeks, knock on wood.

Sjur showed off his 3D engine that will be used in the Xmas Demo 2021. Here's a slightly souped up MandelBulb and MOOSE. If that doesn't make any sense, go watch Chappie right now. It's a great movie!

NDC TechTown 2021 2

18 October 2021

Sjur made this quick ad for the presentation:

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17 October 2021

We're preparing for the NDC TechTown conference next week! Sjur's talk related to the book will be held Thursday morning 0900. No PowerPoint crap: Watch out for cool real-time 3D stuff and sound effects. Some of that may be used in the Xmas Demo later this year (read: March 2022).

In other news, I've now replaced all the aging Intel systems in the home office with AMD Ryzen systems. They're faster and use less power. Also cheaper. What's not to like?

21 September 2021

Sir Clive Sinclair unfortunately passed away a few days ago. In his memory, I took a fresh picture of my trusty, old ZX81 and added a Portal coaster for size reference. Turns out that some of those who have read the book don't know how large a toy weighted companion cube really is. I know, it's weird. It's even more confusing if you haven't read the book. Anyway, in memory of Sir Clive:

ZX81 and Portal coaster

18 August 2021

Turns out all links to Tilera related things (via,, are either broken or forwarded to a completely unrelated page on Good job, guys! Anyway, all of those links have been retired, and all mentions of EZChip and Mellanox replaced with the good, old Tilera name. I also fixed a bunch of other links. And a few hundred tyops. Oops.

3 August 2021

Sjur will be giving a talk called Real Programming (duh) at the NDC TechTown conference 18-21 October in Kongsberg, Norway. All the cool kids are gonna be there!

Info about Sjur's NDC Tech Talk

30 July 2021

Since Xmas is coming up soon, we decided to preview an Xmas Demo effect on the NVidia Jetson AGX Xavier devkit: 1920x1080p60 Mandelbulb. Yeah yeah, we've all seen numerous bulbs, but not on the dainty 512 core Xavier GPU in 1080p60. Ok, so we cheated a bit. A lot, actually.

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13 June 2021

Chapter 23, which is only present in the English version of the book, is available for download. Quick link:

English: Appendix

12 June 2021

Chapter 21 from the book is available for download. Quick links:

English: A Jilted Generation

Norwegian: A Jilted Generation

Note: We didn't risk translating the chapter title into Norwegian, since it's a reference to the legendary album "Music for the Jilted Generation" by The Prodigy.

In other news, I got a new 12 core AMD 5900X CPU and a RTX 3070 card, so it's probably time to start writing some code for the Xmas Demo 2021. Right. Sounds like Operation Cannot Possibly Fail.

25 May 2021

Click to watch video on YouTube

We're recycling old crap again! This video lost its music, so I made a respin with the correct tune: Pas de Deux by Bird Creek. Found in the YouTube Audio Library.

And we're doing some detective work to locate the missing music pieces from assorted videos. Updates coming on the relevant pages. If only there was some app that could identify music... oh wait.

7 May 2021

Looks like the ISBN came through, so Real Programming can now be ordered from other retailers. Lulu is the preferred option since we make more money than crumbs there but use whatever is convenient for you.

Real Programming: Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Ekte Programmering: Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Amazon

25 April 2021

Dan Kaminsky has passed away. I discussed Tilera floating point details with him some years ago, so it's a pretty big shock. El Reg has the details.

20 April 2021

April 20th is hereafter known as No Lamers Day! This promotional poster is gonna skyrocket the book sales numbers to two figures. Fingers crossed.

No Lamers Day Poster

Boost the popularity on Slashdot here: And now for something completely different

13 April 2021

Chapter 7 from the book is now also available. Quick links:

English: Research is Hard

Norwegian: Forskning er vanskelig

9 April 2021

Chapter 15 from the book Real Programming (Ekte Programmering in Norwegian) can now be downloaded in PDF format. Quick links:

English: The GPU Raytracer

Norwegian: En GPU-raytracer

5 April 2021

The book Real Programming is officially launched! Order it directly from Lulu. Co-authored with Sjur Julin. Here's Sjur's launch video. It's slightly different from the Norwegian one:

Click to watch video on YouTube

27 March 2021

Real Programming

The book Real Programming can now be ordered from Lulu. Co-authored with Sjur Julin. It's a book about programming, programmers, programs, and pop culture. This is an English translation of the Norwegian one released last month.

It's not officially launched yet, since it's Easter soon and everybody is away on holiday. At least here in Norway. Watch out for the launch show after Easter!

26 March 2021

NVidia Xavier Development Kit

Got a couple of NVidia Xavier development kits in the mail! Time to do some hacking!

9 March 2021

Android running! Almost...

In this place we play both kinds of music, country AND western

15 February 2021

The first print copies of Ekte Programmering arrived here today, and the cover is pretty great! Sorry for the crap picture:

Ekte Programmering, cover

We're not doing any official promotion until the ISBN is searchable. That seems to be a process involving handwritten letters, transportation by mules, and secret hand signals, taking 6-8 weeks. Really.

I recommend ordering it directly from Lulu, since it's pretty quick. And it's less of a rip-off for us than using the ISBN in any random bookstore.

9 February 2021

The book Ekte Programmering has been released! It's a book about programming, programmers, programs, and pop culture, in Norwegian language. Co-authored with Sjur Julin. Order it directly on Lulu.

Sjur's launch video is cool, even if you don't speak Norwegian:

Click to watch video on YouTube

29 January 2021

We're not just banging rocks together here at Igno Labs in 2021! The extremely long running top secret project is complete. Here's a teaser:

45 4B 54 45 20 50 52 4F 47 52 41 4D 4D 45 52 49 4E 47

2 January 2021

Click to watch video on YouTube

The Xmas Demo 2020 has been updated with Linux support.

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