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15 June 2022


Sjur's new NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin! Not that much bigger than the Xavier and lots of extra compute power.

8 May 2022

We're not just slacking here at Igno Labs! I spent quite a bit of time reorganizing everything in the new lab. The Xavier, Linux PC, Windows PC, laptop etc. is now up and running. Time to look into what to show off in the summer preview. Sjur has tried (and failed) talking me into doing some physics simulation again. All that code was lost in the great purge of 2018, so no luck there yet. Might be worth a fresh look this year!

29 March 2022

The source code for Sjur's V73D engine is now available in the Xmas Demo 2021 article. It should be possible to build and run the entrire thing now.

7 March 2022

It's March: Time to wrap up the Xmas Demo 2021. All the source code should be there real soon, including Sjur's V73D library.

Remastered video with improved music:

YouTube video 4m8qjYSOlKQ

24 February 2022

The first set of source code for the Xmas Demo 2021 has been released! Check out the link.

I've moved and set up the Xavier in my new lab. I'm going wireless this time, so here it is connected to a USB hub with Wifi and keyboard/mouse interface:

Xavier Wireless Edition

The Wifi actually worked without issues. I didn't have to recompile the kernel or anything like that. Amazing. But does it work with Netflix? A bit fat no. Damn.

27 January 2022

We're working on releasing the Xmas Demo 2021 source code. Sjur's doing a remix of the music, too. Will probably make a new live recording from the Xavier HDMI output, so it looks less fake (cough).

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