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MultiDoom - Doom for Tilera TILE-Gx CPUs

Nils Liaaen Corneliusen
30 December 2009

YouTube video 527AaVgh_gQ


Tilera makes some really cool multicore CPUs. They have some PCI Express development boards that works nicely under Linux, so it definitely needed a Doom port. Some of the ports are based on SDL Doom 1.10 which can be found here.

You can run 1 Doom process per core, up to a max of 30. More is of course possible, but I ran out of screen real estate. You can select which session to control, see the host code for details. There are some hacks provided for multi-keyboard input, but we never got that to work properly.

Native Doom for Tilera TILE-Gx (2014)

The Cisco SX80 uses a Tilera TILE-Gx36 CPU. Can it do something useful, like running Doom? Yes, of course!

MultiDoom 3

Archive: MultiDoom for TILE-Gx Host (7 May 2014) (browse)

Doom for Tilera TILE-Gx PCIe Card using TMC (2013)

MultiDoom 3

The TMC based version runs everything off the same clock so controlling more than 1 in parallel gives better results. There's a bug in the keyboard control code related to the way keys are transmitted. I probably won't bother fixing it since I don't have a TILE-Gx card anymore. If you fix it, please mail me a diff.

Source code archive retracted, copyright state dubious.

Doom for Tilera TILE64 PCIe Card using iLib (2009)

MultiDoom 1 MultiDoom 2

The original iLib based port for the classic TILE64 chip. Newer versions of the devkit should have TMC available, so I recommend trying that instead.

Source code archive retracted, copyright state dubious.

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