Random stuff I'm working on, in chronological order.

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29 July 2019

The remastering of Dreamscape and Eclipse is done! More information can be found in the article: Dreamscape and Eclipse: The Final Cut.

26 July 2019

I updated the Image Transformations article to include an ARM NEON implementation.

01 July 2019

It's alive! The Amiga booted up on first try, after a 20 year break. Got some help from a friend at work, and borrowed his mouse and Gotek disk drive thingy (it's sitting in the open disk drive slot):

Amiga Alive Again

It's a 4000 with an Apollo 4040 card and 32 MB ram. There's also a CyberVision 64 in there, and a serial card, and a GVP SCSI card with GuruRom. (Yeah, there's no PowerPC in there. I just liked the picture back in the day.)

The point of all this is to try to rescue the original XING MPEG files that were used to generate the Triumph demos Dreamscape (TG94) and Eclipse (TG97). We copied a few of them out today, and it's looking pretty good! The idea is to remaster them on a PC and use fancy upscaling and do something with the colors... the usual. Might get it done this summer... jinx!

22 April 2019

I ported the quaternion shader to C and made a multi-threaded renderer. It's not very quick, but at least I got a couple of old bugs fixed: