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A look at the hidden menu in old TANDBERG equipment, and some obscure prototypes.


The 150 MXP runs L-series software. The other MXP models (3000/6000/xx0/EdgeXX) run F-series software. They have the same hidden menu and is accessed in the same way. RayMan only works on L. The pirate game only works on F in call. Snapshots are done on a 150, it looks roughly the same on the other systems.

These were written by me and Kjell Garatun-Tjeldstø.

MXP Games Main Menu

Press the Phone Book button 10 times and you'll get the games menu.

MXP Games Menu

MXP Gomoku

MXP Sudoku

MXP Othello

MXP Snake

MXP Blocks

MXP Minesweeper

RayMan was a simple ray caster engine where you could move around in a maze. And read funny quotes while doing it.

T150 Rayman 1

It was possible to enable live video on the walls and upload static images. If you were in a 4 way multisite, there's a room in the centre where you can see each participant on a separate wall.

T150 Rayman Live Video

The hidden command "menu-magic star" enables the 60 fps starfield. Based on 68k assembler code written by Carl Henrik Aaby.

MXP Starfield

Should have some pictures of the pirate game, but it can only be done in-call, and I only have a single working 6000 MXP. Hope to find another one soon.

TANDBERG Classic Hidden Menu

I guess most of this stuff was written by me and Carl Henrik Aaby.

The assortment varied with the software release. Newer versions usually have less cool stuff, due to less space. Crap.

Still trying to get the 6000 Classic to boot up. It's an early A-revision prototype that only suppports software A1.5. Maybe I can find a newer unit somewhere.

TANDBERG 1000 Bluetooth Prototype

I worked on drivers and software for an Ericsson Bluetooth module meant to be used in the TANDBERG 1000. This was back in the Bluetooth 1.2 days or earlier, so everything had to be written from scratch. Things were sort of working before it got cancelled due to the high cost of the Ericsson module.

The picture is of the only remaining prototype, a 6000 plug in card that I never got to work properly and a headset. Unfortunately, it all got recycled in an office relocation years back.