Triumph Amiga Demos and Source Code

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Videos of some of the demos/intros I have contributed to. Find more Triumph demos on the Triumph YouTube channel.

Eclipse Dreamscape
Speed Invention

Source Code

Unfortunately, my old Amiga 4000 got lost somewhere, so I haven't got much:

Source code for Speed - Code by Darkman and Smeagol.
Source code for No Temptations Part 1 - Code by Smeagol and Warp.

Update 10 Feb 2015: Old Amiga located. Still missing wiring and keyboard and such. Might be able to dig up some old source code soon.

The Archive

Cyberspace - Oldschool Scoopex/Triumph coop demo released at The Gathering 2004.
64k intro - 64k intro released at KinderGarden 1998.
Eclipse - Demo released at The Gathering 1997.
Dreamscape - Demo released at The Gathering 1996.
Dreamscape Remix 1.2 - Patch for better graphics.
2K intro - 2k intro released at KinderGarden 1996.
Speed - 64k intro released at The Gathering 1995.
Space Battle - Space Battle animation, released at The Gathering 1994.
IntuiTracker Intro - Intro for IntuiTracker 1.50 released at The Gathering 1993.
Interference - Intro for Interference BBS released in 1992.
Hotline - Intro for Hotline BBS released at Amega party 1991.
Double Sine Intro - Intro released at Razor1911/Imp666 party 1991.
No Temptations - Demo released in 1991 I think.
Total Recall - Demo released in 1991 or maybe earlier.
Leppedykker - Demo released at Triumph meeting 1990.
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