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All the Videos in one Place

I've made several videos over the years. All of them are available in my YouTube channel. Here's a list of the best ones.

Not all the videos are from my account, some of them are found in the Triumph channel.

Several of the videos use music by Kevin MacLeod. Check out his site! It's great!

All the videos should be played back at 50 or 60 fps, depending on the source. Every video except the Dreamscape & Eclipse remix should run perfectly smooth. If they don't, fix your setup! I have mp4 versions of the most popular videos available, send me a DropBox link or similar if you want a particular video in better quality.

Anyway, here's the list of semi-watchable videos, in chronological order:


The Xmas Demo 2020 Edition, in cooperation with Sjur Julin. Full Windows and Linux source code available in the article.
Article: The Xmas Demo 2020 Edition.

YouTube video j5x-lytqqXQ

The missing scene from the Triumph Amiga demo Dreamscape. Released at The Gathering 1996. A lot of hair was pulled to fake higher framerate. And remove noise. And decode the video.

YouTube video pgRTLwWNOSY


A remastering of the Triumph Amiga demos Dreamscape and Eclipse, released at The Gathering 1996 and 1997, respectively. The music was remastered by Sjur Julin. I did all the video magic.
Article: Dreamscape and Eclipse: The Final Cut

YouTube video QSK9z78lRlE

Sjur Julin and I recovered two old Triumph videos from VHS in 2019. I'm pretty happy about the result: The denoising, dewobbling and deinterlacing was pretty hard. Rescue your old tapes now, before they become totally unwatchable!

Superhero by Morten Johnsen and Wobblerne 2 by Morten Johnsen and Ivan Moen were released at The Gathering 1998:

YouTube video 3ORZe2FwHyQ YouTube video rtrriyFqFDw

I've made some Julia Quaternion respins over the years. I took the shader code by Keenan Crane, converted it to C, made a threaded renderer, fixed a couple of bugs and used positions by Paul Bourke. The rotation code was my own work: Doing it in 4D is very complicated, so I did it in 3D instead. If the only tool in your toolbox is atan2, every problem looks like... err:

YouTube video iCDseNgfPsw


Some dork claimed it was impossible to do the Cisco floating balls effect on the TILE-Gx based video conferencing system, the SX-80. It wasn't. They didn't use it. 1 1/2 core somewhat unoptimized 8-bit SIMD code ftw! Could probably be squeezed into 1 core, but that ship has sailed:

YouTube video aza-36MwRIM

The 2017 Xmas demo remastered. Everything runs in 60fps. A ridiculous amount of dubious optimizations were used to squeeze every bit of performance out of a simple NVidia Jetson TX2 GPU with 256 cores. Based on code from ShaderToy, Keenan Crane and myself.
Article: Nvidia Jetson TX2 Xmas Demo 2017

YouTube video BJzyPtwfMtE

Fractals gone wild. Using a custom multi-threaded ARM rendering routine that switches to 64 bit math when the world... sorry, 32 bit is not enough:

YouTube video X08FlIlhk20


From the games department: I play the game Age of Conan. This is what happens when you screw up badly. Everybody gets frozen and it's game over:

YouTube video jO2UkfZdKv4

Torus Journey, from ShaderToy, squeezed into the TX2 at 60 fps:

YouTube video dvckA_1Rzq0

Julia fractals. Depth 2048, rendered in 4K and downscaled. Not realtime at all.

YouTube video ShvUIA5C0GU

I played around with the Thorn fractal code by Paul Bourke on a GPU. Realtime ofc:

YouTube video VYn1VnKMDak

Realtime Julia quaternions on the TX1:

YouTube video hNaHf-Y7iqI

An attempt to make an integer-based raytracer on the super-awesome TILE-Gx chip.
Article: Integer Raytracing on Mellanox TILE-Gx

YouTube video 0vGjR_ptCj8

Simple physics simulation the TX1. And a clock. I like clocks:

YouTube video fGHBtjWz9LU YouTube video aqfnas-GuWs

Is it possible to trace 128 spheres on the TX1 GPU? Yes, by using the CPU to do some preprocessing before passing it to the GPU:
Article: GPURay - GPU+CPU Raytracer for NVidia Tegra X1

YouTube video GcdgYam63Lg


How to stress the TX1 GPU maximally. Also, it looks pretty cool. Careful, things might catch fire:

YouTube video KoaMyL2kVkQ

I made mega-multicore ports of Quake and Doom to show off the TILE-Gx CPU. Each instance runs on a single core.
Article: MultiQuake - Quake for Mellanox TILE-Gx CPUs
Article: MultiDoom - Doom for Mellanox TILE-Gx CPUs

YouTube video 527AaVgh_gQ YouTube video 6qETWBmvrNA

Julia fractals depth 256 60 fps guaranteed on a Tegra X1:

YouTube video foJShe8jq1I

Again from the games department: First kill we had of Ethram-Fal in the game Age of Conan:

YouTube video 0LRwZl5jNIk

I made an OpenGL TX1 port of Quake that ran on some Cisco hardware and sorted out all the technical issues. Top Cisco brass watched it. Nobody gave a fuck. It worked pretty well:

YouTube video UfeTzZmhafs


More from games department: First kill we had of Yakhmar (T5) in the game Age of Conan:

YouTube video 4LKyxPsZACI

First iterations of the TILE-Gx raytracer using floating point.
Article: Raytracing on Tilera TILE-Gx

YouTube video iCAXU9Nx-N4 YouTube video Fn8R4toFun0